Easter Smiles To Kids

This Easter Season help Working Parents Connection bring smiles and Easter Baskets to children residing in our local shelter (Our Place) and Easter Themed Newborn Gift Baskets to New/Expecting Mothers residing at our local shelter (Our Place) and teen pregnancy support and housing (Casa De Vita).

Working Parents Connection is currently selling art, Easter/Craft themed gift baskets, and spring flower bulbs/seeds. Proceeds will go towards acquiring Easter Baskets, Filled Easter eggs for an Easter egg hunt, and Easter themed newborn gift baskets. Donations will go to the children and new/expecting teen mothers residing at Casa De Vita and Our Place (RISE/Family Shelter). Help us reach our Goal of 70 Easter Baskets, 300 prefilled Easter eggs, and 20 Easter themed newborn gift baskets. 

On April 17th, 2022, Easter Sunday, the Easter Bunny will make a surprise visit to bring all the children Easter Baskets and potentially hide some Easter Eggs for all the children to find.

To see what art and gift baskets we currently have for sale please visit wpcnv.org/shop

To purchase Spring Flower Bulbs please visit wpcnv.fpfundraising.com

We also accept gift and monetary donations for this event. See our GoFundMe page to donate.

If you would like to donate Easter Baskets, Easter Basket materials, and any other items please see our Basket list below (just a suggestion for donations). To donate in person please contact us at:

info@wpcnv.org or call/text us at (775) 899-4100 to arrange a drop-off/pickup.

We Thank You in advance for your contribution!



Basket List

  1. Easter Basket:
  2. Baskets
  3. Easter Grass/Basket Filler
  4. Individually Wrapped Easter Candy/Candy
  5. Plastic Easter eggs – Empty or Prefilled
  6. Chocolate Bunnies
  7. Small Stuffed Animals
  8. Small Toys
  9. Pencils
  10. Crayons
  11. Markers
  12. Coloring/Activity Books
  13. Bubbles
  14. Gift Basket Wrap
  15. Books
  16. Items are not required to be Easter themed but it is appreciated
  1. Easter Themed Newborn Gift Basket:
  2. Baskets
  3. Easter Grass/Basket Filler (Can use baby blanket)
  4. Diapers (Newborn)
  5. Baby Wipes
  6. Baby Bottles
  7. Bibs
  8. Bedding
  9. Baby Towels/Washcloths
  10. Diaper Rash Cream
  11. Pacifiers
  12. Round-tipped nail scissors or baby nail clippers
  13. Baby Soap
  14. Rattles
  15. Baby Toys
  16. Baby Socks
  17. Baby Clothes
  18. Stuffed Animals
  19. Baby Food/Snacks
  20. Baby Books
  21. Gift Basket Wrap
  22. Items do not need to be Easter themed but it is appreciated
  • Other/Miscellaneous
  • Prefilled or Empty plastic Easter eggs for an Easter egg hunt
  • Gold/Silver plastic Easter eggs for Special Prizes
  • Tiny Toys/Tiny Kid Friendly Items for plastic Easter eggs
  • Any Small Kid Items to put into plastic Easter Eggs
  • Special Prizes for plastic Easter eggs (dollar bills, gift cards/certificates, change
  • Individually Wrapped Easter Candy/Candy
  • Easter Bunny Costume, adult size large