Phone numbers are not connected at the moment, please reach board members and officers via email

Or call (775) 899-4100 and leave a message for the individual you are trying to reach

Officers and Board Members

William Soberanis-Wolf

Founder and President

(775) 899-4101

Merideth Naney

Vice President and Board Member

(775) 899-4102

Heidi Waterman

Secretary and Board Member

(775) 899-4103

Bruce Robertson

Treasurer and Board Member

(775) 899-4106

Janira Pelmore

Event Coordinator and Advisory Board Member

(775) 899-4104

Gina Stratos

Editor in Chief and Board Member

(775) 899-4107

Ofelia Allen

Spanish Translator and Advisory Board Member

(775) 899-4105

Peggy Lakey

Board Member and Math Tutor

Advisory Board Members

Emilio Parga

Advisory Board Member

Christie White

Advisory Board Member

Shawn White

Advisory Board Member

Alissa Woods

Advisory Board

Alanna Woods

Advisory Board